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Digital TV box

To be able to receive digital TV via the terrestrial network or via satellite dish, you must have a digital TV box. The task of the digital TV box is to convert the signal into an image which is then displayed on the TV. On newer TV sets, the digital TV receiver is usually built-in and no external box is needed. If the receiver is built into the TV, you usually need to supplement with a CA module to unlock the TV channels that are not included in the free offer with the operator. During the autumn of 2021, everyone who has their TV broadcast via the main network today and has older digital TV boxes / receivers that cannot handle MPEG4 will have to replace their digital TV box with one that can handle the new technology.

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What digital TV box do I need to receive terrestrial broadcasts?

To receive terrestrial broadcasts, you currently need a TV with a built-in receiver or an external DVB-T2 receiver that can handle MPGE4. If you have an older TV with only a scart input and you want to keep your TV for a while longer, you need to supplement with a new digital TV box that can handle DVB-T2 and MPGE4.

Digital TV receiver with DVB-T2 MPEG-4 for terrestrial network

This is the third generation receiver. The older technology DVB-T has been around since the mid-90s. DVB-T2 was announced in 2009 and began use just over a year later. The first DVB-T2 compatible digital TV receivers came to the Swedish market in 2010. In the autumn of 2021, the old broadcasting technology will be completely eliminated and will switch to DVB-T2 MPGE4. Everyone who wants to watch HD programs therefore needs to get a new TV with such a receiver built-in or supplement with a DVB-T2 digital TV box. If you also want to be able to watch the locked HD program frames, your TV must also be equipped with the CI + interface.

Do I need to change the TV antenna to watch digital TV?

In large parts of the country, a VHF antenna is needed to be able to receive the HD programs in mux 7. The HD programs in mux 6 can be received with the standard UHF antenna throughout Sweden. If you have poor reception, it is recommended to look over the antenna and the antenna cable down to the digital TV box.


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