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Tablets & cases

At Allectra you will find reading tablets that guarantee you a perfect reading experience for all e-books. The reading tablet has revolutionized the way we consume books and other literature. These flexible and versatile devices offer an easy and comfortable reading experience and open up a whole world of possibilities for all book lovers. Among other things, we have reading tablets from well-known manufacturers such as PocketBook and Rakuten, and they come in all possible price ranges and sizes. Do you fancy reading a book? Take out your tablet, download an e-book and then sit comfortably somewhere and start reading. Here you will also find practical and stylish cases that both protect and make your reading tablet more personal.

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Why you should choose a reading tablet

Today's reading tablets are a technological innovation that has changed the way we consume literature. With their convenience, customizable features and eco-friendly benefits, these devices are definitely a valuable addition to our digital lifestyle. With a reading tablet you can minimize the space required to store your books and by choosing digital books you reduce your environmental impact by saving trees and reducing paper production. Reading tablets are light and easy to carry with you, and many tablets have built-in lighting that makes it possible to read in dark environments without straining the eyes.

Smarta funktioner:

  • Reading tablets allow you to have hundreds or even thousands of books within reach in a single, easy-to-manage device. This is a dream for book enthusiasts who want their entire library in their pocket.
  • With the ability to adjust text size, font, lighting and contrast, you can create a personalized reading experience that suits you perfectly. This is particularly useful for people with visual impairments or other special needs.
  • Reading tablets are known for their impressive battery life. You can enjoy weeks of reading on a single charge, making them ideal for long trips or vacations.
  • Most reading tablets are connected to digital bookstores where you can buy and download e-books directly to your device. This makes it easy to discover new authors and titles.
  • Tablets allow you to highlight and make notes directly in the text, which is invaluable for students and researchers alike.
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