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Cleaning, Vacuuming and Ironing

Facilitate your cleaning, vacuuming and ironing with good products that make it both more fun and easier to keep your home clean and fresh. Here you will find tools and aids for more efficient cleaning with better results - as well as candles, fragrance oils and other accessories to add a little extra comfort with.

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Good cleaning requires good tools

The cleaning tools you use are very important for how hard you have to work and what result you will get. Many times we do not think about it - but also vacuum cleaners, mops, irons and other aids intended for homes and households wear out and need to be updated from time to time. Not infrequently more often than you think.

By replacing old cleaning equipment that no longer does the job and instead invest in modern products of good quality, you can clean more efficiently and thus have more time for other things.

We help you equip the cleaning cabinet

A complete cleaning cabinet should include a vacuum cleaner and scrubbing mop, as well as different types of rags, detergents and sponges. Equipment for clothing care - such as ironing board, iron and drying ropes are also very good to have. If you want to invest in something extra, it may also be worth investing in a steam cleaner, which can be used to clean sofas, carpets and other textiles in a gentle and efficient way.

At Allectra, we want to make it easy for you to equip your cleaning cabinet and to acquire all the tools and accessories you need to maintain your home. That is why we have gathered a wide range of products for cleaning, vacuuming and ironing here in our webshop. With the help of the various subcategories, you can quickly and easily navigate through our range and find exactly what you are looking for.

Do you have questions about any specific product or our range in cleaning, vacuuming and ironing? Get in touch with our customer service and we will help you.


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