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Perfumes for both men and women. Here you choose what type of perfume you need, how much and what scent notes you want. We have perfume and eau de toilette with fruity, floral scents and citrus aromas. For him, for her, unisex and even baby perfumes. Eau de parfum has the highest concentration of perfume, followed by eau de toilette and eau de cologne. Body mist is a weaker variant of perfume that can be used on the whole body. Musk, amber, wood, jasmine and rose are common scent notes.

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Most perfumes smell good in the bottle, but perfumes have the peculiarity that they must match with your natural scent. The most expensive perfume may not be as good as a cheaper one. Therefore, the recommendation is usually to test a perfume before you buy it. But if you already know which one you like, it's easy. Another option is of course to choose a perfume from a manufacturer that you like and buy it based on the fragrance specification. If you know that, for example, different scents of citrus usually react well with you, it is very likely that they do so regardless of brand.

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