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Alarm clock radios

With a clock radio, you get both a practical clock with a smooth wake-up function, as well as a small and handy music system with really good sound. In our range, you will find clock radios in both modern and more retro-inspired designs, in different sizes and with different functions and features. Take a look at our range and order an affordable watch radio from a well-known brand you carry - always with safe delivery from Allectra.store.

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We have both classic and high-tech clock radios

Clock radios are available today in a variety of models and designs. For those of you who are only looking for a digital clock to have by the bed, there are, for example, simpler variants with a few other functions such as FM radio and various wake-up signals. If you instead want something more high-tech - that is, a clock radio that is more than just a clock radio - there are several really modern options to choose from. Among other things with features such as wireless charger, internet radio, simulated sunlight and the ability to play your own music files.

In addition to clock radios with different functions and features, we of course also offer models in different designs, colors and sizes. Many clock radios are classically black, but with us you will also find silver-colored variants as well as models with details in beautiful wood. Scroll through our range and find an affordable clock radio that meets your requirements for function - and which can also be a stylish interior detail on your bedside table.

Competitive prices on good quality

At Allectra, we do not think that good quality necessarily has to be expensive. Whether it's electronic equipment such as clock radios, or something else. In our well-stocked online store, you can always find high-quality digital clock radios from well-known brands at really competitive prices. Welcome to buy a cheap clock radio from Sony, Soundmaster, Philips or another quality brand - either for yourself or someone you like.


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