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Natural Cosmetics

In natural cosmetics, you will find selected beauty products that are extra gentle on your skin and hair. Natural cosmetic products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain chemicals and synthetic substances that are often found in ordinary cosmetics and in products for skin care and hair care. Perfect for those who want to lose weight with chemicals and who wish to use cleaner and gentler products on their body.

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Shop exclusive natural cosmetics at great prices

Natural cosmetics are generally more expensive to produce than regular cosmetics, which means that the prices are often higher for this type of product. This is mainly due to the fact that the ingredients can be more difficult to obtain and extract and that the manufacturing process can be more cumbersome.

Since we at Allectra have chosen to only conduct sales online, without any physical store which entails high costs, we can however also offer exclusive products such as natural cosmetics at really good prices. With us you can, among other things, buy creams with beneficial ingredients such as bee venom and argan oil, for a significantly lower cost than what you can find in a physical store.

What do natural cosmetics contain?

The content of natural cosmetic products can vary greatly, but what is known as natural cosmetics has in common that the products contain ingredients from nature instead of those produced in a laboratory. Examples of common ingredients in natural cosmetics include, as mentioned above, bee venom and argan oil, but also snail slime, plants and herbs of various kinds, flowers and natural oils and essences. The purpose of natural cosmetics is to use the nurturing and healing forces found in nature, which are usually significantly more effective and, above all, more gentle on both your own body and the environment and all living things in it.

Do you have questions about our range of natural cosmetics or about any particular product? Contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you.

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