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Button batteries / Lithium batteries

Buy button batteries or button cell batteries online from Allectra. Here you can find button batteries from well-known brands such as Varta, Duracell and Kodak. We have button cell batteries in several different sizes and strengths including CR 2016, CR 2025, CR 2032. A button cell battery is a small round battery type with a flat shape and a diameter similar to a button or coin. The batteries are normally intended for products that do not require high power. These can be watches, remote controls, hearing aids, calculators, electronic toys, fever thermometers and other small electronic gadgets. If you need a new button battery, look at what is written on the old batteries and then order a new one of the same type from Allectra.

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How do button batteries work?

Coin-cell batteries are usually manufactured with a metal casing and have a positive (+) and a negative (-) terminal on opposite sides of the battery. They contain an electrochemical cell, consisting of a positive cathode, a negative anode and an electrolyte, which generates electric current through chemical reactions. There are different types of button cell batteries such as silver oxide batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries and mercury batteries. Each type has its own specific characteristics and uses. For example, silver oxide batteries are commonly used in watches and electronic devices that require a stable voltage level over time. Lithium coin cell batteries are often used in small electronic devices such as calculators and remote controls due to their high energy density and long-lasting performance. Keep in mind that coin cell batteries are small and can be dangerous if accidentally swallowed. They contain chemicals and should therefore be handled and recycled properly.

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