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>>> Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers | Free Shipping over 200 € | Delivery 4-7 days | 30 days open purchase <<<

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Computer | Networks and components

In the category networks and components, you will find products to equip an existing computer a little extra, or to build your own. Either for gaming and other entertainment, or for work. Here you will find everything from hard drives and sound cards to memory cards, motherboards, processors and equipment for wireless networks. Discover our wide range of network connections and other components for computers at work and at home, and shop your favorites cheaply online here at Allectra.

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Complete range of computer components

Computer components include everything from processors and RAMs to hard drives, batteries, sound and graphics cards, and routers and modems for network connections - and much more. At Allectra, we want to make it as easy as possible for you when you need to replace something in your computer, or if you are looking for parts to build your own. Thus, we offer a complete range with all components and accessories you may need under one roof - or rather in one and the same webshop.

With us, you can easily shop exactly what you need without having to leave home and without having to be crowded with others in a store. In addition, we have really nice prices and really fast deliveries.

Improve network connection or maximize memory

The network and components category includes a lot of products within data. To make it easier for you to quickly find the right one, we have divided the range into different subcategories, within which you will find all products nicely sorted. With the help of the various subcategories, you can easily navigate to what you need. Are you not really sure what type of components you need - or do you want advice on what options are available for maximum memory or wireless connection to the network? Our skilled customer service is happy to help you find the right products for your specific needs.

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