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Fixed and IP phones

Landlines and IP phones are a good complement to modern smartphones. Below you will find a wide range of landline phones in different models and sizes - either to connect to standard telephone jacks or to connect to your network. As usual, the quality of our products is high, but the prices are low.

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Secure landline or affordable IP telephony - what do you need?

Do you need a landline phone in, for example, the summer cottage or elsewhere where the internet connection is less stable? Maybe you want a desktop phone with an ergonomic handset and a good number plate - but which can also be connected to your network connection for cheaper call costs? Here at Allectra, you can shop for both traditional fixed telephones that are connected by telejack, as well as IP telephones to connect to your Internet.

Does an IP phone need the Internet to work?

An IP phone uses the Internet or other IP network to connect calls. If there is no network connection, the IP phones are down and can not be used to make or receive calls. This is the main difference between IP telephones and ordinary fixed telephones, which instead of using the Internet send signals over the traditional telephone network - the so-called land network.

An IP phone fits well if you want a home phone of a traditional model and have a stable connection to connect it to. Because you can use your existing network connection, the costs are usually lower than if you use a regular landline phone.

We have cordless phones, senior phones and office phones

In our web shop you will find IP phones and landlines in different models for different needs. We offer functional office telephones with many practical features, senior telephones with extra clear numbers, standard telephones and cordless telephones in a slim design and with really good battery life.

Take a look at our carefully selected range and order a landline phone with a regular connection or IP connection today.


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