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FM transmitter bluetooth

FM transmitters with Bluetooth for the car are smart and practical accessories that enable wireless bluetooth connection and music streaming directly to the car's speaker system. The FM transmitters make it easy to connect your mobile phone or other bluetooth device to your car stereo, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts and hands-free calls without having to replace your existing car stereo if it currently lacks bluetooth. Allectra has a large selection of Bluetooth FM transmitters from several well-known manufacturers at really good prices.

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How does the FM transmitter with Bluetooth for the car work?

By using the FM transmitter's Bluetooth function, you can easily connect your mobile phone or computer and play sound on the car's speakers. You connect your mobile phone to the FM transmitter via bluetooth. Then you connect the FM transmitter to your car stereo via the car radio. You set the FM transmitter to transmit on a free radio channel/frequency and then search for it on the car radio. This allows the sound from your device to be transmitted wirelessly via the radio. Many bluetooth FM transmitters also have features such as USB charging ports to keep your devices charged while traveling and microSD card support to play music and mp3s from storage devices. Some devices even offer voice-activated features to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. FM transmitters with Bluetooth are easy to install and use, making them a convenient way to upgrade your car stereo without having to replace existing equipment.

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