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>>> Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers | Free Shipping over 200 € | Delivery 4-7 days | 30 days open purchase <<<

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Groumet products

What is life without a little glorious luxury and flair every now and then? Both for everyday and for parties. In the Gourmet category, you will find products that add a little extra golden edge to life - such as tasty oils, coffee capsules for homemade cappuccinos, macchiatos and espressos, air-dried hams of the best quality and nice accessories for tasting and serving. Perfect when you want to treat yourself to something extra or give as a gift to someone you like.

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Gourmet for parties and everyday

Gourmet products in the kitchen can of course be different for different people. For some, the ultimate luxury can be tasty, high-quality coffee, for others a well-filled tapas tray with aged cheeses and exclusive ham. Here at Allectra, we strive to offer something for all tastes. In our range of gourmet products, you will find carefully selected and nibbling good products to set the table for the Friday coziness, the luxury breakfast or why not the everyday dinner in the middle of the week.

In addition to edible delicacies, we also have practical and stylish accessories for table setting and tasting. You can, among other things, shop nice small bowls as well as serving dishes and cheese knives perfect for tapas and cheese trays. Like our other range, everything in gourmet is of high quality, but reasonable prices.

Easier and more convenient gourmet shopping online

Shopping online has never been easier than with us at Allectra. Instead of having to be crowded in the market hall or in the supermarket when you buy your coffee, a good olive oil or other gourmet products - you can botanize with us in the offer in peace and quiet. Our webshop is structured so that you can easily and smoothly navigate your way through the various items and quickly find your favorites.

Once you have placed your order, we make sure that your goods are packed, sent and delivered as quickly as possible. Does that sound tempting? Welcome to discover our range of luxury gourmet products you too.


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