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>>> Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers | Free Shipping over 200 € | Delivery 4-7 days | 30 days open purchase <<<

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FAQ - Leverans & Frakt Policy

  • What are the shipping costs?

    Shipping costs vary depending on your choice of shipping method and the type of product. You always see the different shipping costs in the checkout before you place your order.


  • When will my order arrive?

    Two main factors determine when your order arrives: Whether all products are in stock and which delivery method you have chosen. Normal delivery time is between 4-7 working days for the standard delivery, depending on the forwarder and region after it is sent from us/our warehouse. If you have chosen home delivery, you will be notified via SMS with the option to influence when the delivery will be delivered to you. Remember to enter your mobile number for SMS notification so you don't have to wait an extra day for paper wine.

    If the item you ordered is in stock at the time of the order, the package will "normally" leave us within 24/48 hours (Does not apply to Economy Delivery), and then be at the recipient's place a few weekdays later according to the delivery method selected at checkout. ( ** However, within 30 days at the latest Applies to Economy Delivery ) During high season it may take longer. Public holidays in Europe are not included in the delivery time. It is important, however, that you enter a mobile number on the order and the correct email address, because otherwise it will take another day or so to receive the paper wine in the mailbox.

    Express : 24-48 hours + 1-3 Weekdays *

    Standard : 24-48 hours + 4-7 Weekdays *

    Postal code: 24-48 hours + 3-7 weekdays *

    Home delivery: 24-48 hours + 4-7 Weekdays *

    Finance : 24-48 hours + 7-10 Weekdays * : **

    * Public holidays in Europe are not included in the delivery time.

    ** (However within 30 days at the latest Applies to Economy Delivery)

    Note: Large shipment volumes as well as restrictions due to covid-19 may cause delayed deliveries and the transport companies cannot guarantee their regular delivery times. During high season it may take longer, for example during Black November & Christmas

    The delivery time shown above and in the checkout is an "Estimated" Calculated & Estimated delivery time from the transport companies so-called "Normal Delivery Time"

    Please note that unless otherwise stated on the website, delivery times stated at checkout are estimates only. They are not guaranteed delivery times and should not be considered as such.

    Delivery times can be extended due to factors such as weather and wind or delays etc. The tracking status of the shipment may also remain unchanged for a longer period of time in the case of international shipments. We do not use GPS tracking, which means that a few days may pass between the tracking event when the shipment is sent from one location and the tracking event when the shipment arrives at the next location.

    If your shipment has not arrived within 20 days of the expected delivery time, you can contact us. We and the shipping company can start an investigation regarding the lost shipment.

    Does your product need to arrive by a certain date?

    Let us know this at the checkout !!! And feel free to choose Postnord, Standard or Express delivery.

    Accommodation with postcodes above 820 00 and the whole of Gotland will take a few extra days.

  • I only received an empty box with a packing slip. What do I do?

    There may be a "lid" in the box that fixes the product during shipping, lift this and you should find your item! There is also a "tear here" tab on the page to properly open the shipping package and directly access the product.


  • There was a product missing from my delivery! What do I do?

    Sometimes your order is sent in several packages so that everything does not fit in one package. You can check if you have more packages on the way by contacting our Customer Service. If you are missing a product in your shipment but have all packages at home, you must contact our Customer Service immediately. If, on the other hand, the package has visible signs of damage that may have resulted in a product falling out of the package during delivery, a complaint must be made immediately directly to the agent or to the driver who delivers the package to you. Photograph the package's damage so these can be used in the event of a complaint against the forwarder. This is regardless of whether you have unpacked the delivery or not. Always save packaging and leave the delivery note until you have received instructions.


  • What delivery options are there?

    We offer many different delivery methods so that you, as a customer, have the opportunity to choose the one that suits you best. In the checkout, the shipping options that can be selected for your particular order are displayed. The shipping options that are normally available to choose from are:

    You can choose between *Economy 7-10 Weekdays, Postnord 3-7 Weekdays, Standard 4-7 Weekdays, Express 1-3 Weekdays, Home delivery 4-7 Weekdays.

    Delivery to Denmark, Finland, Norway Standard 3-7 Weekdays.

    Delivery to Germany, Netherlands Standard 3-5 Weekdays.


  • The package was damaged on delivery! What do I do?

    Always check that your package is intact when you pick it up from an agent or receive it from a driver, if the package is damaged, this must be immediately reported to the agent or to the driver. Then unpack the package and check that all products are intact and work as they should, if they do not, you must email us within 24 hours of receiving the package or call our customer service on +46 70-8854451 and we will help you further.

    We need this immediately for ALL types of damage, e.g. at

    Transport damage / Missing item / Wrong item / Fault in the item.

    We need the following information from you to be able to help you in the best way.

    Submit any photos we require as per the points below within 48 hours of receiving the item.

    We need these photos to be able to report your damage or loss to the shipping company.

    • 1. Take a clear and legible picture of the shipping label from the transport company.

    • 2. Photograph all 6 sides of the shipping carton.

    • 3. Open the box and take a picture of how the product was packaged when you opened the box.

    • 4. Lift the product out of the box including the packing material and photograph all its sides while it remains in its packing material.

    • 5. Then take a clear picture of the inside of the box while it is empty.

    • 6. Remove the packing material from the product and photograph all sides of the product, including a clear picture of the damage taken from a distance so that you can see where on the product the damage is.

    • 7. Take a close-up of the injury(s).

    • 8. Scanned image or photo on the packing slip an A4 Paper on received Products.

    • 9. Image of EAN number (A barcode label on the product / packaging with a 13-digit long number)

    • 10. Video showing the error on your product. (In the case of warranty cases)


    Attention! Remember to take clear pictures so we can see what it says and full labels etc. are included in the picture.

    You can send the pictures / video over with https://wetransfer.com/ to us if they are enlarged.


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