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Here you will find Allectra's large range of NAS, network storage units, at really good prices. A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a type of network storage device or file server used to store and share data over a network. One of the main advantages of a NAS device is its centralized storage function. Instead of having files and data scattered across different devices and hard drives, users can collect all their data in a single place and access it from different devices within the network. This makes it easy to organize and share files, which is beneficial for both individuals and businesses. In addition to the storage function, many NAS devices offer other functions such as backup, remote access via the Internet, shared access and collaboration, media management and streaming and more.

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Advantages of a NAS

Allectra's range of NAS devices or network storage devices are available with different capacities and functions. Choose the one that best suits your needs. With high performance and reliability, you can store and manage large amounts of data without compromising speed or security.

The benefits of investing in a NAS device include:

  • Centralized storage: With a NAS device, you can collect all your data in a single place and easily share it with your connected devices and users.
  • Backup and recovery: NAS drives offer built-in backup capabilities, giving you peace of mind by protecting your important files and preventing data loss.
  • Easy remote access: By connecting your NAS device to the Internet, you can easily access and manage your files from any location using a web browser or a dedicated app.
  • Shared access and collaboration: NAS devices enable seamless file sharing and collaboration within workgroups and teams, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Media management and streaming: Some NAS devices are specially designed to handle multimedia files, making it possible to stream movies, music and pictures to different devices on your network.

Whether you need a NAS device for home use or for the business, Allectra has the perfect solution to store, organize and manage your data efficiently.

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