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Solar Line

Using good products for sun protection is important so that the skin is not damaged by the strong UVA and UVB radiation. Here at Allectra, we offer a wide range of effective sunscreens from well-known manufacturers - adapted for both children and adults. You can shop easily online, at low prices and with fast and easy delivery.

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Sun protection for body, face and hair

The sun's rays may provide both wonderful heat and much-needed light - not least for us up here in the Nordics - but without the right protection, they can also be really harmful. To be able to stay in the sun and enjoy it safely, it is therefore important to use good sunscreen products. Both summer and winter in fact.

With us you will find different types of sunscreen adapted for body, face and hair. Of course, we also have products for both children and adults, with different sun protection factors and in both cream and spray form. Which protection factor you need depends partly on how sensitive you are, partly on what time of year it is and whether you should use it in Sweden or abroad. The longer you stay in the sun and the stronger the sun, the higher protection you need.

Also remember to improve your sun protection several times during the day - especially if you bathe or sweat a lot - and to use extra high protection on children.

Perfect fake burn with brown without sun

You get the best protection from the sun if you stay in the shade and cover your body with thin clothes. At the same time, it is of course wonderful with golden brown, sun-kissed skin. Fortunately, there is a simple shortcut there - using brown without sun. In our range, you will find a variety of tanning-free tanning products from various brands, both as creams and sprays. Perfect for a golden burn all year round, without the risk of sun-damaged skin.


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