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Everything you need in the home and garden - for both the home fixer and the professional

Here you will find everything in the home and garden for both the home fixer and the professional.


We all want our homes to be presentable both inside and out. It says quite a lot about who we are and home is the place that should feel just like home.

For many, the home and garden are considered a refuge. Of course, you then want it to represent who you are and feel as personal as possible. We spend both more money and time than ever before on just furnishings, renovations and a beautiful garden.

Appreciated, most people also think that it is with an everyday life that flows on without problems at home that causes additional headaches than what a stressful working day has already done. The home is our place to be able to relax and be ourselves simply.

That is why we offer a wide range of everything for the home, regardless of taste and need.


In the category for home and garden you will find:


  • Storage
  • Furnishings & lighting
  • Furniture
  • Recreation
  • Safe home
  • Cleaning, vacuuming and ironing
  • Garden & terrace
  • Heating & air conditioning
  • Home textiles
  • Pets
  • Tools & Do-It-Yourself
  • Bathroom
  • Climate & heat


Buy what you need and want for your home online


In Sweden, we surf around on housing sites more than we usually do in other countries and we spend a very large proportion of our income on housing. But where can you find everything for both home and garden without having to surf around on a dozen different sites?

We know how infinitely many sites are visited, how many considerations are made and how many hours most people spend before they have found the right home. But it does not have to be that complicated.

At Allectra.se we have collected everything that may be needed or desired. Even things you did not even know you needed.

Add a personal touch to your home, create a smoother everyday life or do the renovation you have long dreamed of. Discover our range and find your favorites.

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