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Sound Tower speakers - powerful facility that takes up little space

Do you want a speaker with a lot of power and high-quality sound - but lack space for a large and bulky sound system? Invest in a handy sound tower instead. By choosing a speaker based on height, you can turn up the volume and optimize your sound experience without having to have equipment that takes up a lot of space and space.

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Modern sound tower with wireless bluetooth

Forget the time when a good sound system was like a snake nest of wires and cables that both collected dust and were easy to trip on. Nowadays, you can buy a practical sound tower - that is, a speaker system based on height - with a state-of-the-art bluetooth connection and a minimal number of cables. Here at Allectra you will find affordable sound towers in different designs and with different capacities. All with wireless connection via bluetooth. Connect your tower to your smartphone, stereo or computer and get excellent sound quality in a smoother and more energy-efficient way.

Maximize the audio experience with multiple towers

With the sound tower from Allectra, you can easily create a powerful cinema feeling when you want to watch a movie at home in your own living room, or maximize the sound to the full when you listen to music. Because the sound towers take up very little space in terms of floor space, you can place several towers and thus build your own, powerful surround system. If you want to be extra smart when it comes to space, you can invest in one of our sound towers with a really slim design. The sound quality is as good as in any exclusive speaker system - the only difference is in the design and size.

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