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Electronics | Batteries

Batteries are a given consumable in every home. With a stock of batteries at home, you never have to worry about the remote control of the TV giving up, the wristwatch stopping or the smoke alarm stopping working. Here at Allectra you will find a generous range of batteries in different sizes and variants - perfect to store in the home, summer cottage and car.

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Alkaline batteries, sodium batteries and button batteries

Battery-powered devices that can be used without a cord are both flexible, simple and practical - but they also require that you always have working batteries on hand. At Allectra, we make it easy for you to top up your storage with batteries for all sorts of different devices and devices.

Our well-stocked webshop contains button batteries and alkaline batteries as well as sodium batteries and rechargeable batteries. Of course, you can also buy battery chargers that give you the ability to reuse existing batteries over and over again, instead of having to buy new ones.

Choose the right batteries for the right device

Many different types of batteries can make it all the more difficult to know which ones to buy for which device. Some devices require classic AA alkaline batteries while others require sodium or lithium batteries. Rechargeable batteries are also available in different variants and with different capacities.

The easiest way to ensure that you buy the right batteries for the right device is to read the device, or alternatively in the operating instructions if you still have it. If you look at the device itself, it usually says on the battery cover what type of batteries to use. It is usually best to check what size it should be - then it is usually right.

Do you have questions about which batteries to buy for a specific device, or do you have any questions about our range? Get in touch with our customer service and we will help you. Our professional employees ensure that you get the right batteries for the right device.

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