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Network cables

Here you can find a large selection of network cables in different lengths and standards for all needs. Buy a network cable and connect your device with a fast and stable Internet connection. Here are common network cables for your wifi router, computer, video games and anything else you might want to connect to the network.

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Network cables for Internet & WiFi

If you need a network cable for your computer, TV or router in the home, you can choose a standard and affordable ethernet/LAN cable with an RJ45 connection. Common network cables with RJ45 connection are also called LAN cable, network cable or network cable.

Although Wi-Fi these days works great for all kinds of streaming, including TV, movies and games, you'll always need a network cable to connect your Internet to your Wi-Fi router. If you play more advanced games where a fast and stable connection is important, it is recommended that you connect your computer, Xbox or Playstation with a network cable. You often get faster ping with a cable connection, which is important when playing multiplayer games online. Ping can be said to be the time it takes for the signal to be sent from your device (computer) to the game server itself.

Network cables are classified in different standards such as category 5 to 8. If you have a network cable in the home to connect your router with wifi, computer or TV, a category 5 cable works perfectly. The higher the category (standard), the greater the capacity, you can say a little simplistically. A category 5e cable has a speed of 1 Gbps, up to 100 meters of cable and a bandwidth of 100 MHz.

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