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Protective Respirator Mask

Mouthguards are used to trap bacteria in the exhaled air. Disposable covers are easy to use and can usually be easily attached with a rubber band around the ears. Do not use the disposable cover more than once. In addition, replace and remove the mouthguard regularly. If you use a mouth guard, you should wash your hands thoroughly before handling it. At Apotek Hjärtat you will find a variety of mouth guards and related hygiene products. Buy mouth guards online at Allectra!

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Things to keep in mind when buying a mouth guard

When buying a mouth guard, it is important to buy the right type and use it correctly to provide maximum protection for yourself and your environment. It is important to use the correct mouth guard, replace it immediately and do not reuse disposable items. It is very important to stay up to date and follow the current recommendations to avoid infection with Covid19.

Types of mouth guards: which mouth guard to choose?

There are several types to protect you in different ways. The disposable protection is a disposable product and protects your surroundings. It is recommended to choose a disposable CE-marked mouth guard. This means that the mouth guard is approved and meets EU safety requirements. The respiratory system is shaped like a small cup and is also intended to protect the wearer. Choose a CE-marked mask with protection class FFP2, FFP3, N95 or KN95. The FFP2 filter provides an intermediate response level and the FFP3 filter provides the highest level of protection against the coronavirus. The FFP2 standard can be compared with KN95 (Chinese protection class) and N95 (American protection class).

How to use the mouth guard correctly?

1. Wash your hands with soap and water for 40 seconds before using it or use denatured alcohol before.

2. Place the mouthguard over the mouth, nose and chin. It is important that the mouthguard is firmly attached. For example, if you have a beard, the protection will be less effective.

3. Do not touch the filter section. Only use the strap when the mouth guard is raised.

4. The mouthguard is disposable and should be replaced when it is damaged, smells bad or gets wet.

5. Wash your hands thoroughly or use denatured alcohol to remove the mouth guard.

What is the difference between mouth protection and respiratory protection?

Respiratory protection and mouth protection are designed for a variety of purposes. The purpose of respiratory protection is to protect the wearer from the transmission of infectious particles and is considered personal protective equipment. Oral protection measures aim to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious particles such as viruses from vectors to humans in the environment. These are considered medical equipment.

Are mouth guards effective?

The use of mouth guards is an effective way to reduce the spread of covid19. When an infected person wears a mouth guard, the droplets are blocked and cannot pass through the mouth guard to infect others. This prevents the virus from spreading. There are several situations and environments where the use of mouth guards is particularly beneficial, such as public transport. Close contact between people can be difficult to avoid, but the use of mouth guards is also important. Whether you wear a mouth guard or not, it is important that you stay away and stay home if you have symptoms, especially following recommendations from public health for the use of alcohol on hand for hand hygiene.

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