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>>> Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers | Free Shipping over 200 € | Delivery 4-7 days | 30 days open purchase <<<

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Heating and Cooling

Discover our range of heating and air conditioning and make a valuable investment in a better indoor climate. Here you will find everything from fans and AC machines to humidifiers and energy-efficient heating elements. Everything you need for a comfortable and healthy air in your home or workplace.

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Quality-assured products for just the right room temperature

Having a comfortable indoor temperature just in time for the season is important for both well-being and well-being - both at home and at work. A bad indoor climate with too high or too low temperature and poor circulation can also have a negative effect on sleep - which in turn affects the moon overall.

With the help of smart and safe products for better indoor air, you can effectively adjust both the temperature and the humidity in your home or office. Here at Allectra, you will find both heating elements so that you do not have to freeze - in different sizes and with different capacities, of course - as well as cooling fans and AC machines that effectively cool larger areas.

Are you bothered by dry airways and or burning eyes? Then a humidifier can be the solution to your problem. In our web shop, we offer affordable and discreet humidifiers in a variety of sizes and models. All carefully selected to meet our high demands on quality and function, of course.

Fixed and movable units at good prices

Are you in need of fixed equipment for heating, cooling and / or ventilation? Or do you want portable devices that can be easily moved and thus set up and removed as needed?

At Allectra you will find both. We have a very good range of fixed electric and oil radiators, as well as portable heating fans, air conditioners and humidifiers on wheels. With us, you can shop for stable equipment for regular year-round use in your permanent home, as well as mobile devices perfect for the holiday home or to produce and use according to the season.


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