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>>> Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers | Free Shipping over 200 € | Delivery 4-7 days | 30 days open purchase <<<

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Electronics | Television

At Allectra, we love everything that has to do with entertainment - and maybe a little extra everything that has to do with television. That's why we have filled our webshop with all our favorites for a really good TV experience - from digital TV boxes to extra remote controls, home cinema systems and of course the latest products in TV and smart TV. We offer high quality products from well-known brands, always at competitive prices and with fast and safe delivery.

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Everything in TV and television

Are you looking for a TV and a speaker system that creates a cinema feeling in your own home? Maybe you already have all the equipment you need and just want to supplement with a new digital box, new cables or a DVD and Blu Rays player? No matter what you are looking for, we almost dare to guarantee that you can find what you are looking for here with us.

Our well-stocked online store is filled to the brim with everything you could possibly need for the ultimate movie and TV experience. We have TVs in different sizes (both regular and smart of course), speaker systems and home cinema systems, equipment for streaming TV and smaller accessories of various kinds. All products, both large and small, are of high quality and available at competitive prices.

Invest in good TV in every room

If there are several of you in the family, it can be nice to have more than one TV so that you do not have to disagree about which program you should watch at what time. Many people choose to put a larger TV in the living room where everyone can watch together, and then invest in slightly smaller appliances in bedrooms and children's rooms. With us, you can shop for TVs in many different sizes and designs. We have both exclusive TVs for those interested in electronics with high demands, as well as a little simpler and smaller variants that are perfect to put in children's rooms or why not in the summer cottage.

Do you have questions about our range in television? Contact our customer service and we will help you!

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