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Food supplements

Boost your nutritional intake with supplements in different forms and for different needs. In our range you will find dietary supplements in the form of capsules and tablets, as well as good energy bars and powders for the preparation of protein drinks. All products are quality tested and carefully selected by us at Allectra.

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Perfect as a complement to ordinary food

Dietary supplements should never be used as a substitute for ordinary food, but they work excellently as a complement to the daily diet. For many, it is difficult to get enough of certain important substances - either because they opt out of certain parts of the food chain (for example animals), but also because the soil in which much is grown has generally become leached and less nutritious. If you exercise a lot, it can also be important to add certain supplements to ensure that the body gets exactly what it needs.

Which supplements you should invest in depends entirely on what needs you have. So there is not one right answer for everyone. At Allectra, we offer a generous range of dietary supplements in all its forms, so that you can easily buy what you need. We have everything from vitamins and minerals, to protein supplements, electrolytes and enzymes of various kinds.

Find the right supplement for you

If you want help choosing the right dietary supplement for you and your needs, we recommend that you consult a doctor or nutritionist. If, on the other hand, you have questions about our range of dietary supplements or ordering our products, you are of course warmly welcome to contact our customer service. We are happy to help you with product questions and thoughts about ordering, shipping, delivery and stock balance.

Take the opportunity to make an investment in your health you too. Discover our range of healthy supplements and place an order for your favorites today - easily, smoothly and conveniently in our webshop.


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