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Fix crispy french fries, tasty donuts or other fried delicacies with your own fryer in the kitchen. Either a classic variant in which you fry with oil, or an oil-free model for healthier cooking of your and your family's fried favorites. Allectra offers a wide range of fryers in different price ranges and from different manufacturers - all of good quality and available for ordering online here in our webshop.

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Safer and better than frying in a saucepan

Anyone who has ever fried in an ordinary saucepan probably agrees that it is both complicated and quite difficult. It is difficult to keep track of the temperature, it is easy to burn yourself on the oil and you must always have a lid close at hand in case the oil suddenly catches fire.

With a real fryer, you can fry in a simpler, faster and much safer way than with a regular pan. Fryers have built-in temperature gauges and timer function that makes it easy to keep track of how long the food should be cooked and when it is ready. You also get an included basket where you put the food when it goes into the oil, through which excess oil also easily drains off after finished frying.

Fry more with an oil-free fryer

Do you love fried food and would like to eat it more often if it were not so useless? Then an oil-free fryer can become your new best friend. Oil-free fryers fry with the help of hot air instead of oil, which makes the food much less fluffy and more calorie-efficient. The result is just as good - and much better for health.

Oil-free fryers, also called airfryers, you will find just like regular fryers in several different models here at Allectra. Welcome to take a look at our range and order a fryer today - either for yourself or as a gift for someone who likes to cook.


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