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Ice cream and yoghurt makers

In the category ice cream and yoghurt machines, you will find everything you need to make your own ice cream and yoghurt from scratch. The result is perfectly creamy, without a lot of mess and hassle. An ice cream machine or yogurt machine is perfect to invest in for the kitchen or give as a gift to someone you like.

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Make ice cream in a professional way

An own ice cream machine is a must in the kitchen for everyone who loves ice cream. With the help of an ice cream machine, you can make everything from ball ice cream to soft ice cream with your own ingredients and seasonings, completely without unnecessary additives that are often found in ice cream. An ice cream machine is easy to use and does not take up much space in the kitchen. All you need to do is pour your ice cream ingredients into the bowl and press start. The machine rotates the ice cream batter and freezes it to a reasonably cold temperature. The result is wonderfully good ice cream with perfect consistency every time.

Our range includes ice cream machines in different models and from different manufacturers to choose from. Each individual product is carefully hand-picked by us because it meets our requirements for quality, function and user-friendliness. With an ice cream machine from Allectra, you can easily make your own professional ice cream at home in your own kitchen.

A yoghurt machine fixes homemade yoghurt from scratch

Do you want to eat creamy, fresh yogurt without a lot of added sugar and preservatives? Buy a yogurt machine at home and start making your own! In fact, it is far from as complicated as it may first seem. A yoghurt machine helps to keep your yoghurt culture at just the right temperature, so that the result is just right thick and creamy, and not least gets a perfectly sour taste. All you need is milk, yoghurt and any seasoning according to a recipe - the rest is taken care of by the machine for you.

Check out our range of affordable, quality-assured ice cream and yoghurt machines and invest in a new, fun kitchen appliance too.


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