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A good mixer is a must in the kitchen if you like smoothies, soups, sauces and creams of various kinds. Mixers are available in a variety of variants and sizes, of which you will find a lot here at Allectra. We have mixers for the small household, as well as for the large family who want to be able to mix a lot at once. Which model do you prefer?

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Choose between regular mixer or hand mixer

In the mixer category, you will find both flexible rod mixers that take up little space and are easy to stow away, as well as more solid blenders with a larger volume and higher capacity. Which mixer suits you best depends partly on how and for what you intend to use it, and how large amounts you want to be able to mix at a time.

A hand mixer is usually perfect when you want to mix one or two portions of smoothie, make your own baby food or mix a soup directly in the saucepan. A smaller jug ​​is included, and for some models you also get different accessories such as a whisk and a slightly larger container. Unlike standard mixers, hand mixers are small and handy in size and therefore take up little space in the kitchen. They are also easy to take to the summer cottage or in the caravan if desired.

If you want to be able to crush ice and mix hard things like frozen fruit, a regular mixer can instead be a better choice. It is more bulky, but has a higher capacity and more powerful mixer blades that both hold better and mix more efficiently.

Quality-assured mixers from good brands

At Allectra you can shop mixers from well-known brands at really good prices. We want to help you succeed in the kitchen, which is why we have chosen to only offer carefully selected mixers that maintain the highest standard in terms of both quality and function.

Discover our range of awesome mixers for awesome cooking you too.


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