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Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective way to eliminate stains from textiles such as clothes, carpets and curtains. The hot steam dissolves dirt quickly without the need for strong detergents with harmful chemicals in it. Here at Allectra you will find selected products for steam cleaning at competitive prices, with fast delivery and of really high quality.

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Steam cleaning works gently but effectively

A steam cleaning machine works by heating water and producing hot water vapor from it. The steam is then used to dissolve stains and dirt - both visible and invisible - in an efficient and gentle way. Unlike regular cleaning with a sponge or cloth, or in a washing machine, you do not need to use any strong detergents for steam cleaning - which makes the approach much more gentle and kind to people as well as animals and nature.

Because it is so gentle, the method can also be used on most materials, even the most sensitive textiles.

A versatile cleaning tool

A steam cleaning machine can advantageously be added to your standard home cleaning equipment. In addition to the fact that steam cleaning is very effective when removing stains on textiles, it also works excellently when cleaning in, for example, kitchens and bathrooms. Hot water vapor dissolves both deposits and stains that easily occur in these spaces quickly and easily. Without the need to scrub, scrape or rub with detergents full of strong chemicals.

Just like everything else in our range, our steam cleaning machines are traded smoothly and conveniently online. You do not have to be crowded in stores or queue with other customers, but can instead explore our range in peace and quiet and then place your order without having to leave home. Online shopping at Allectra is convenient, time-efficient and inexpensive. You will find your favorite product among our steam cleaning machines - we make sure you get your order as soon as possible with safe and secure delivery.


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