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Product help and return

If you discover a defect in a product you have purchased from us, you have the opportunity to send it in for examination and possible action. In some cases, the products need to be sent for service..

Click here to return a product for warranty or complaint.
It does not cost anything to return a product in a service case. Remember, however, that a service, inspection, and shipping fee may apply if defects that do not fall within warranty or complaint law are found on the product. This can e.g. be physical injuries caused by an accident.
The time a repair takes can depend on the type of product and how difficult the possible defect is to recreate and fix. As a rule, however, a repair takes about 30 days from the time the authorized service workshop receives the product.
Different workshops are responsible for different repairs depending on the manufacturer, product or product category. This is due to that the workshop should as a rule be authorized. You will therefore find more information about where the product is sent in connection with the creation of a return case.


Return a product for warranty or complaint Click here: and follow the instructions

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