>>> Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers | Free Shipping over 2000: - | Delivery 4-7 days | 30 days open purchase <<<

>>> Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers | Free Shipping over 2000: - | Delivery 4-7 days | 30 days open purchase <<<

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Here you can read about how long it takes for your package to arrive and what different delivery methods you can choose from.

If what you have ordered is in stock, you will "normally" have your package within 3-5 working days with Express delivery.
Remember to enter your mobile number for SMS notification so you do not have to wait a whole extra day for paper waste.

Mode of delivery

You can choose between Finance 7-10 Weekdays, Standard 3-5 Weekdays, Standard 4-7 Weekdays, Express 1-3 Weekdays, Home Delivery 4-5 Weekdays.

Delivery to Denmark, Finland, Norge Standard 3-7 Weekdays.

Delivery to Germany, Netherlands Standard 3-5 Weekdays.

Delivery confirmation

When the package is packed and ready, we will send the package number for your package to the e-mail address you specified when ordering.
With the help of that number, you can track where the package is via the shipping companies' website.

Delivery before Christmas Eve 2021:

When you order Christmas presents on Allectra.se, you can be sure that we do our best for them to arrive as quickly as possible - before Christmas!

Choose the shipping method "Christmas gift Delivery before Christmas" at checkout then we know that this is a Christmas gift and we adapt our delivery accordingly.

The last day is 17/12 at 09:00

Delivery time

If the item you ordered is in stock at the time of order, the package will "normally" leave us within 24/48 hours (Does not apply to Economy Delivery), and then arrive at the recipient a few weekdays later according to the chosen delivery method at checkout. (** However, no later than within 30 days Applies to Economy Delivery) During the high season, it may take longer. Public holidays in Europe are not included in the delivery time. It is important, however, that you enter the mobile number on the order and the correct email address, otherwise it will take another day to get paper waste in the mailbox.

Express: 24-48 hours + 1-3 weekdays *

Standard: 24-48 hours + 4-7 Weekdays *

Postnord: 24-48 hours + 3-5 weekdays *

Home delivery: 24-48 hours + 4-5 weekdays *

Finances: 24-48 hours + 7-10 Weekdays *: **

* Public holidays in Europe are not included in the delivery time.

** (However, no later than within 30 days Applies to Finance Delivery)

Note: Large shipping volumes and restrictions due to covid-19 can cause delayed deliveries and the transport companies can not guarantee their regular delivery times. During the high season, it can take longer, for example at Black November & Christmas

The delivery time shown above and at checkout is an "Estimated" delivery time from the transport companies so called "Normal Delivery Time"

Delivery times can be extended due to factors such as weather and wind or lag. The tracking status of the shipment may also remain unchanged for an extended period of time for international shipments. We do not use GPS tracking, which means that it can take a few days between the tracking event when the shipment is sent away from one place and the tracking event when the shipment arrives at the next location.

If your shipment has not arrived within 20 days after the expected delivery time, you can contact us. We and the shipping company can start an investigation regarding lost shipments.

Does your product need to arrive by a certain date? Let us know at the checkout !!! And feel free to choose Express Shipping.

Accommodation with postcodes over 820 00 and the whole of Gotland takes an extra day.


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