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Do you have a blog or Facebook page? Are you looking for a company to collaborate with as a blogger? We love to be mentioned on other pages and blogs with our products and therefore it is obvious for us as a company to sponsor collaborations with bloggers and other companies, everything from small to large blog collaborations. A blog collaboration can look a little different. Either you get a discount code for your readers or you get to test our products and tell about them in your blog or use them as a prize in a competition. Maybe you have another good idea?


Cooperation with our company

Collaborating with companies as a blogger is often fun and edifying. Regardless of whether you have your own exciting idea, want to test our products or use them in competitions and be sponsored, you can always contact us at Allectra.se as we as a company think it is fun with blog collaborations. If we judge that you are a fan of what you do, we are prepared to offer a beneficial collaboration. Feel free to send an email to info@allectra.se where you enter the address of your blog and why you want a collaboration and we will agree on something that suits both parties. You need to be over 15 years old for it to be relevant for a collaboration and you must have run your blog for at least 6 months on your current domain

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