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Buy large and comfortable warm blankets that keep you warm during cold winter days!

Do you often feel frozen or have problems with sore and stiff muscles? Then a heating blanket is well worth investing in. Below you will find Allectra's wide range of heating blankets and accessories for heating blankets - all carefully selected by us because they meet our high requirements for quality and function.

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When a regular blanket is not enough

Do you feel that an ordinary blanket is not enough to keep warm during the cold months of autumn and winter? Not even those made of fleece or warming wool? Opt for an electric heating blanket instead. Heating blankets not only contribute with a soft, warming fabric - they also act as smaller elements. Thanks to built-in electrodes, a heating blanket gives a much better effect than a regular blanket, which you may otherwise need to use several pieces of if you are really frozen.

The extra heat in heating blankets helps you to relax better and can thus also have a soothing effect if you have stiff or sore muscles. Perfect after training or when you have had a busy day at work. Afraid that it will be too hot instead? No danger. All our heating blankets have a control with which you can easily adjust the heat according to what you think is right.

Use over the body, on the shoulders or as a base

A heating blanket can, like a regular blanket, be used in several different ways. In addition to having it over your body when you lie on the sofa or on the bed, you can also place it over your shoulders or feet, or use it as a base if you want to feel the warmth against your back from below. Despite the built-in heating coils, heating blankets are easy to fold and take up little space if you want to take one with you on a trip.

Do you have questions about our heating blankets and / or our other range? You are very welcome to contact our customer service, and we will be happy to help you!


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