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Softeners and conditioners

Conditioner contains substances that counteract the degreasing properties of the shampoo and make the hair softer, stronger and easier to sort out. Here at Allectra you can buy hair conditioner for both women and men, as well as for different types of hair types. We also have extra mild and gentle conditioners specially adapted for children. You order easily and smoothly online - we handle fast and secure delivery.

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Conditioner strengthens the hair and counteracts frizz

Hair conditioner contains various natural fats that have a moisturizing effect on the hair after a wash with shampoo. When you shampoo your hair, dirt and residues from various hair products - such as hair spray and wax - disappear, but also the oils that are naturally present in the hair and which are intended to protect it and keep it soft and supple. A shampoo works by opening the hair fibers during application, in order to be able to penetrate deep into the strands. If you do not use hair conditioner afterwards, the fibers remain open, which makes the hair more rough and fresh and dry and dull. Conditioner closes the hair fibers again and moisturizes and makes it more elastic and durable.

Use conditioner after each wash

Hair conditioner should be used after each hair wash. You get the best effect if you apply it to towel-dried hair and then let it sit for a couple of minutes. In order for the hair not to feel heavy and greasy afterwards, it is important to rinse thoroughly. If you use wrapping in the hair, the conditioner should be used last - that is, after shampoo and wrapping. This is because a wrap just like a shampoo opens the hair fibers.

Allectra offers a wide range of caring and effective conditioners from various well-known brands. We have conditioner for different hair types and needs - such as dry hair, damaged hair, colored hair or dull hair. As with our other range, we keep competitive prices on all products, and offer fast, safe and cheap delivery options.

History of Balsam

In 1950, the first hair conditioner was produced by a company in Los Angeles located in the United States. The product was first aimed at people who worked in the film industry. It is a branch where the hair is greatly affected by both sunlight and spotlights. Alberto Culver bought the hair conditioner company in the mid-1950s.


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