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Take care of your hair with a shampoo that nourishes, washes and strengthens the hair from the inside. Here you will find a variety of shampoos from several well-known manufacturers, at good prices and of high quality. Discover our range of shampoos for different hair types as well as for women, men and children and shop your favorite product online here at Allectra.

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A good shampoo makes all the difference

Which shampoo you use is very important for how your hair feels. A shampoo aims partly to clean the hair from dirt and residues from styling products, but it should also nourish the hair by having a moisturizing and toning effect. Depending on the type of hair you have, different shampoos fit differently.

Here at Allectra, we have shampoos for all different hair types and needs, so that you can easily find one that suits you and your hair. Our range includes shampoos for dry and fresh hair, for hair that quickly becomes oily, damaged hair and lifeless hair without shine. For a complete hair care, we also suggest supplementing with a suitable conditioner, which you can of course also buy here in the web shop.

How often should you wash your hair?

Just like choosing shampoo, this is also very individual. For some, washing their hair once or twice a week is enough to keep them fresh, while others need to do it every other day. It is generally said that too frequent washing risks drying out the hair and making it greasy faster. If you have problems with dandruff or eczema on the scalp, shampooing every day can also aggravate those problems.

How often you should wash your hair thus depends on your hair type and your scalp. The more often you wash, the more gentle shampoo you should choose to care for and protect your hair in the best way.


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