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Hair straighteners and curlers

With a straightener, you can quickly and easily straighten unwanted curls, fix a nice styling and smooth out any frizz in the hair. Here you will find a large selection of quality-tested and affordable straighteners from well-known brands available for easy online shopping.

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The new generation of straighteners are gentle on the hair

Straighteners style the hair with the help of high heat - something that can wear on the hair if you do not use heat protection and have an older straightener with surfaces without protective coating. At Allectra, we sell modern straighteners designed to style the hair in a more gentle way than previous models. The tongs' plates have a ceramic coating, which does not wear on the hair as much as plates without a coating. On most models, it is also possible to adjust the heat on a number of different levels.

With us, you can shop a functional straightener, designed to style your hair without tearing it, at a wallet-friendly price. We have lots of different models to choose from, from well-known brands synonymous with good products and awesome quality.

Tips for succeeding with the straightener

Straighteners are easy hair tools to use that do not require a professional touch. However, there are some tips on how to make the styling as gentle as possible for your hair and how to make your hairstyle last longer.

First of all, it is important to apply some type of heat protection to your hair before you start flattening. Whether you should use it in wet or dry hair can vary between different products. The hair should then be dry before flattening it. The high temperature in a straightener risks burning your hair if you use the tongs on damp hair. Last but not least, it can be good to finish with some product that keeps the hairstyle in place - for example, a hair spray.

Welcome to buy straighteners and other hair products here with us at Allectra!


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