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Hair dryers

Fix a perfect salon blow-dried hair with a cruel quality hair dryer. Below you will find our range of hair dryers from different manufacturers and in different price ranges - all tested for quality and function of course. There are also accessories such as brushes and combs as well as hair dryer holders for convenient storage of your hair dryer.

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Professional blow dry your hair with a really good hair dryer

A good hair dryer is a must have in the bathroom, whether you have long or short hair - straight or curly. With the help of a hair dryer, in addition to blowing your hair dry after washing, you can also style and shape your hair in a variety of ways. If you also supplement with a round brush or other accessory, you can easily fix a luxurious surge, just as if you had done it at a salon.

Hairdryers are available in a variety of variants, sizes and price ranges. Here at Allectra, we are keen to offer a wide range with many different options, so that you can easily find a hair dryer that suits you and your needs. Whether you are looking for a larger hair dryer with powerful capacity, or a small and flexible model that is easy to unpack and take on the go.

Protect your hair before blow-drying for best results

Drying with hot air is a great way to style the hair and get a good shape, but just like other hair tools with heat, a hair dryer can also wear on the hair. It is important that you use a heat shield - such as a cream, serum or oil - in your hair before you start drying it. Using heat protection can also make the hairstyle last longer and also give your hair extra shine.

Do you have questions about the hair dryers in our range, or thoughts about your order? Get in touch with our customer service and we will help you!


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